... Until Art n Seek GVL!

    Join the ultimate game of Art n Seek!

    Become an Agent of Art in a thrilling game of search and discover!Art n Seek GVL, in the same realm as Hide and Seek, transforms art into the "hidden" and YOU into the "seeker." Tucked away, waiting to be discovered, each hiding spot conceals one of ten treasure-filled briefcases, camouflaged by the scenic paths of downtown Greenville SC. When the briefcases are in position, the hunt begins:
    Friday May 10, promptly at NOON and Ends Sunday, May 12th at 5pm.
    3 Cases Friday
    4 Cases Saturday
    3 Cases Sunday

    Bright Palettes to Bold Plans

    The brain child of artists Katie Bolt and Cece Burnett, the mission of Art n Seek GVL is to widen art's reach: making art inclusive, engaging and accessible.Katie & Cece's shared fondness for colors that exhilarate, paints a vivid portrait of their friendship. Each in their own studio, style distinct and subject unplanned, their finished art emerges in concert: when placed side by side, the kindred optimism in Katie and Cece's work is evident, a stunning synchronicity is revealed.Driven by their passion to promote art in every form, the idea of "free hidden art" stoked their attention. Sowing art's influence throughout downtown Greenville through a treasure-hunt-for-all was the perfect blueprint to inspire their next adventure.

    Katie Bolt

    Sassy, Evocative, Energetic

    Using curiosity as her compass, Katie’s striking compositions capture a palpable happiness that dances across the canvas. Light infuses her work with dizzying, intoxicating vigor; it is the emotional layer which emboldens her to create.The rich tapestry of Southern tradition narrates her work using clean, sassy, colorful brush strokes. Each painting takes on a certain dreamlike focus with intimate details emerging through textured, playful impressionistic visions.

    Studio 111 at The Art Crossing
    [email protected]

    Cece Burnett

    Vivid Vision

    Cece produces dramatic paintings that engage the viewer's emotions through bold brush strokes and a strong use of color. New energies emerge and collide in each paintings progression, as Cece captures the emotional response to nature, travels, conversations and the glamour that is all around us.Alive in every brush stroke, Cece's work captures the sheer joy of color. Still life or landscape, her paintings shimmy and shake with vibrant expression.

    Studio 112 at The Art Crossing
    [email protected]

    Event Calendar

    Art n Seek GVLMay 10th-12th12 p.m. -5 p.m.
    3 Cases DroppedMay 10thStarts at Noon
    4 Cases DroppedMay 11thStarts at Noon
    3 Cases DroppedMay 12thStarts at Noon

    Search & Discover: Intel

    1. Discover a clear briefcase with our logo to claim a piece of art to call your own. 10 prize-filled briefcases are expertly hidden within the mapped area.

    2. Check Instagram daily for clues @artnseekgvl. New clues will be given each morning for the cases hidden that day.

    3. As you seek, sweep the area designated on the Map. If you spot the Art n Seek GVL logo, you are hot on the trail, the briefcase is close at hand! There are no pieces hidden on Main Street!

    4. The hunt is complete when you capture the case! You will soon be the custodian of an original painting by Katie Bolt and Cece Burnett.

    5. Share your discovery online via Instagram, Tiktok or Twitter, and tag #artnseekGVL

    6. Each briefcase contains a golden paintbrush; your Mission is Accomplished when you bring your golden paintbrush to the rendezvous point at Art Crossing at Riverplace to retrieve your art and be entered to win a custom pair of hand painted jeans (winner to provide the jeans).


    Art Crossing at Riverplace
    Studios 111 & 112

    May 10 thru May 12
    Noon to 5pm

    Key to the Hunt

    Rules of Engagement

    1. Tagging #artnseekGVL upon discovery is essential to the process. Tagging helps us keep count, and above all... awards bragging rights!

    2. One piece of artwork per person. If you find a second case, please leave it for the next seeker.

    3. When searching, please be mindful of Greenville's pristine grounds.

    4. Questions? Contact Katie or Cece at [email protected]

    The mission of Art n Seek GVL is to widen art's reach: making art inclusive, engaging and accessible.

    If you have any questions please email Katie or Cece at: